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Our Mission

Our goal is to make this endeavor self-supporting and sustainable.


We aim to generate revenue by selling paintings through exhibitions, whereby half of the revenue will go to the artist and the other half will be utilized for running the Madhubani School of Art and Culture. It will not be a commercial activity as APPER is an NGO working for the betterment of the underprivileged and poor.
We also want to generate financial support for running the school. This could come from the hosting of national and international guests. We will construct cottages (eco- lodges) for such visitors. They will be built in local style by local labor with local resources but will be equipped with all the facilities required for hosting international guests. This activity with foreign guests will also generate income for local craftsmen and artisans like carpenters, hut makers, and care takers. The whole setting will also serve as a model and example for the village on how to construct eco-friendly low-budget yet comfortable houses according to their tradition.
Natural colours
These painters being farmers, rely on
the kindness of nature for colours. It provides them with a wonderful range of natural hues derived from clay, bark, flowers and berries.