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Our Expertise

Community work with the farmers to motivate them for converting their fields into organic farms in different states and to identify fields for future research.
Marking Air Pollution Tolerant Tree Species and Development of their Clonal Varieties for Air Pollution Abatement.
The Effect of Air Pollution and Heavy Metals on Various Tree Species.
Field trials with different crop systems like wheat-rice-Iegumes to compare the performances of organic farming system.
Assess yield and product quality.
Study the land management strategies in these areas.
Build up soil fertility with the focus on microbial diversity.
Produce organic seeds and maintain seed bank with the identified farmers.
Improving plant nutrition by using green manures and mycorrhizal fungi.
Organic education in schools, specifically in the villages of identified areas.
Bio remediation of mining dumps rich in Zn, Cu, AI, Cr, Pb, or sludge from textile and tannery industries, oil sludge from oil refineries, sewage sludge.
Documentation and growing medicinal plants organically is also one of the key work towards which I am interested to work.
Natural colours
These painters being farmers, rely on
the kindness of nature for colours. It provides them with a wonderful range of natural hues derived from clay, bark, flowers and berries.